Nurit Gal

Safeguard Equipment Section

Made in Irita Studio, 2022

The Company

Safeguard is a Data Management Platform for Construction Builders

The company's goal is to help construction builders manage their work and ensure safety on their sites.

The platform has 3 main areas of expertise:

The Project Goals

Enabling Logistic and Safety Management of Construction Equipment

After the safety and HR sections of the Safeguard application were established, we dove into the equipment section, which contains the necessary data management and safety requirements for managing the construction equipment.

Stock Management

Providing users the ability to efficiently manage company equipment by overseeing their information, such as location, competency status, insurance coverage, and more crucial logistic information.

Safety Management

Optimizing safety management by effectively overseeing all safety requirements, documenting routine inspection, licensing, registration, hitch compliance, and more.


Comprehensive documentation for managing projects at scale, as well as meeting safety standards and regulations.

As the design system was already established, my goal was to keep the equipment section clear and consistent with the other sections of the Safeguard application, providing comprehensive user flows and creating new components if needed.

The Irita Studio Product Design Team

There are 2 Sides to this Story


Creating New Equipment Listings

Provides users with the ability to input new data, and expand their database easily.

View and Edit

Listing Management

Provides users with an organized snapshot of information, making it easy to browse and review data and update the details within the listed items.


Creating New Equipment Listings

Incorporating a new equipment listing into the database involves inputting essential equipment details, including type, manufacturer, owner, and other relevant information - depending on the equipment type.

Additionally, this function provides a dedicated section for documentation, allowing the user to attach and organize essential records such as maintenance logs, safety licenses and certifications, and user manuals during the initial listing creation.

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View and Edit

Listing Management

From the equipment table view, you can enter the listing management screens and control all the equipment-related data.

In this multifunctional module, users can seamlessly navigate between view and edit modes to access and modify listing details.

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