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Algopix (by Cluster) Platform Enhancement

Made in Cluster, 2023

The Company

Algopix (by Cluster) is an eCommerce Data Engine for Online Sellers

The parent company - Cluster - is an API-first cross-channel real-time data engine for enterprise companies, with a catalog of 2B+ products tracked on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Algopix is the company's small-medium business solution, available in both website and API format.

Algopix has two purposes:

The Project Goals

More Paying Users, Less Churn

Our current focus is less on acquiring tokens and more on retention and acquiring paying users. This depends on company goals, as Algopix is the engine for both itself and the Cluster enterprise solution.

We found that a significant amount of our users use Algopix for their initial market research, but churn after 1 month when they finish building their catalog. Our goal now is to increase the user lifetime value by incorporating new features that provide our users with ongoing value throughout their business cycle.

Improving User Retention

Creating a more holistic solution and providing added value throughout the user's store growth.

Enhancing User Acquisition

Driving more traffic to our website through SEO projects and website optimization for a higher conversion rate.

Higher Efficiency

Redesigning the signage flow and implementing a self-onboarding solution, for better user experience, user acquisition enhancement, and operational efficiency optimization.

Key Project Stakeholders

Here are Some of Our Initiatives

Account Settings

Account Management and Insights

Enhancing User Acquisition, Higher Efficiency

+28% Conversion Rate for the API solution

-90% Customer Support Efforts

We recently launched an Account Management section on our website. It provides Algopix users a clear view of subscription plans, usage statistics, insights, and billing details. This feature enables efficient account oversight, easing plan upgrades, token additions, and payment method changes.

Since the launch, we've observed a +28% increase in API conversion rates and a 90% reduction in customer support efforts.

Pricing and Onboarding Enhancement

Clear Pricing with Seamless Self-Onboarding

Enhancing User Acquisition, Higher Efficiency

We rethought our pricing and onboarding process for both the API and SAAS solutions, simplifying the presentation of our offerings and plans and enabling a faster and easier self-onboarding process, effectively minimizes friction, cutting down onboarding time, and substantially reducing customer support demands.

Sales Estimator

Fast and Easy Sales Estimates

Improving User Retention

We've launched a Sales Estimator tool that uses Amazon's Best Seller Rank (BSR) to estimate sales volumes for products across Amazon's catalog. By leveraging our Sales Estimator, merchants can assess the growth potential of investing marketing dollars to improve product ranks or identify new market opportunities for sourcing products.

Listing Builder

Easy Product Listing Upload and Edit to Marketplaces' Platforms

Improving User Retention‚Äč

The Listing Builder tool is designed to streamline the critical step from product research to listing. It allows users to effortlessly create and edit multi-channel listings, enabling uploads or updates to Amazon, Walmart, and Sellbrite marketplaces directly through our platform.

This process not only saves valuable time but also ensures consistency and accuracy across various online marketplaces, ultimately enhancing your overall e-commerce strategy.

Static Product Pages

SEO Value Display

Enhancing User Acquisition

We created static product pages for the 2B+ products in our database, displaying relevant product information that can be picked up by search engines like Google. This project increases our platform's discoverability, extending our reach to sellers researching these products, offering valuable product insights, and introducing the broader capabilities of our platform.

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