Nurit Gal

Takshahis Here and There

My Online Blog and Information Archive for Israeli Designers

Upon graduation (in 2020) I published my Facebook blog named Takshahis Here and There, which was initially created to post our class final projects, as we didn't have an exhibition due to COVID-19 and the academy alumni website was delayed.

And then I just kept going.

I liked helping others promote their own projects or community initiatives, I liked that I had a platform to share information I found valuable and I loved how much I've learned from this side project.

My favorite blog topics are promoting community events, podcasts and online knowledge sharing, useful tools, and side projects. I specifically have a soft spot for Headstart campaigns and helping academy graduates publish their final project books (like I did).

On April 2023 I published the blog's website, which contains an archive of helpful information for the local design community, such as podcasts, communities, magazines and more.

There's More

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Safeguard is a data management platform designed to help construction builders manage their work and ensure safety on their sites.
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