Nurit Gal

Cluster API Management Tool

Made in Cluster, 2022

The Company

Cluster is an API-First eCommerce Data Engine

We provide cross-channel real-time product and online sales data, with a catalog of 2B+ products tracked on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Our clients include enterprise companies such as Facebook Marketplace, Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and more.

The data is delivered through an API connection, and charged as a predetermined yearly usage package.

The Project Goals

Enhancing Clients' Insight into API Usage

As part of the customer success efforts, we've created a tool that empowers our clients to autonomously monitor and analyze their API usage, providing them with a clear view of how their applications interact with our API package, offering transparency and valuable insights.‚Äč

Usage Insights

Providing clear visibility into the API usage, enabling our clients to track key metrics, such as usage patterns and data consumption, allowing for informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Access to Information and Client Relations

As employees may come and go within our client's organization, it's essential that the key settings information will be accessible, as well as our contact information.

Phase 2 of this project will include self-onboarding capabilities.

Key Project Stakeholders


Quick View of Usage and Insights

The dashboard provides at-a-glance access to critical information, including real-time usage status, estimated time to reach quotas based on current usage history, and valuable insights into API usage trends.



The Usage screen offers users more insights, providing a comprehensive view of API utilization over time. Users can track API usage by type, allowing them to identify trends and patterns that inform strategic decisions. Additionally, it showcases success call rates, providing a critical performance metric to gauge the effectiveness of API interactions.

Active Keys

Accessible API Key Information

The Active Keys screen serves as a centralized hub for managing API keys, and ensures efficient key management, even with personnel changes.

Contact Us

Fostering Customer Success

This feature is a direct line to our dedicated Customer Success Manager, providing clients with a convenient way to access support and assistance.

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