Nurit Gal

Hi, My Name is Nurit.

And I Strive to Make Information Simple.

Check Out Some of My Latest Projects

Cluster is an API-first eCommerce data engine for enterprise companies, that provides cross-channel real-time product and online sales data, with a catalog of 2B+ products tracked on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

As part of our customer success efforts, we developed a tool that lets our clients easily keep track of their API usage, providing them with a clear view of how their applications use our API package, and offering transparency and useful insights.

Algopix is Cluster's small-medium business solution, available in both website and API format.

We are currently dedicated to enhancing user lifetime value through the introduction of new features that continuously deliver value across their entire business journey. This strategic approach is aimed at decreasing user churn rates. Simultaneously, we are actively expanding our website traffic and fine-tuning our platform to maximize conversion rates.

Safeguard is a data Management SAAS application with a focus on enhancing project management and safety in the construction industry.

The equipment section enables users to have efficient control over company equipment, allowing them to oversee crucial logistics such as equipment location, competency status, insurance coverage, and other essential details. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in optimizing safety management by ensuring compliance with safety requirements, documenting routine inspections, managing licenses and registrations, and hitch control.

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