2B Friendly Website

School assignment for "The State And I" class

Guided by Ruti Kantor and Aviv Elhasid

In this course each of us collaborated with an NGO and helped them with a project they were facing.

The NGO I worked with, 2B Friendly, promotes their values economically, promoting business that are "friendly" by the standard they built, made out of five main social subjects and accessibility parameters.

At the time they were just after a rebranding process and working on their website, that I designed for them.

In the design process we mainly dealt with the friendly business archive and the different search and filtering options.

Unfortunately the website was not launched due to a change of personnel, but I learned a lot from this very challenging project. 

2B Friendly Branding: Avi Bohbot


I also designed a few more elements for 2B Friendly, for example this newsletter