40 Days & 40 Nights Poster

School assignment at Infographics class

Guided by Roni Levit

The brief was making a poster with information from the movie, that can give the viewers a sense of the plot.

In the movie "40 Days & 40 Nights", the main character (Matt) vows not to have any kind of sexual interaction for 40 days. When his friends find out about the vow they make a bet about his failure and try to influence him.

After analysing the movie a few times, what I found most interesting in this case was comparing the time in the movie that different characters tell Matt what to do, and the time they actually listen to him.

When I put together this information it is apparent that most of the movie shows different characters trying to control Matt, and when somebody listens to him - it's mostly his girlfriend Erica.​

40 days and 40 nights-01.png