Remembering Lifta

School assignment for Content Based Design class, with Razan Nakash

Guided by Koby Levy

The first part of this brief was designing an item, that will later on be part of an archive.​

My partner in this project wanted to do a project about Lifta - a deserted village in the entrance to Jerusalem.

So we researched this subject and we found some interesting pieces of information about this village:

1. Lifta was populated almost almost continuously for two thousand years by different populations, and so Jews, Christians and Palestinians view this place as an important historical place for them.

2. Lifta is important to many different groups, for cultural, historical, and academic reasons, as it is relatively well preserved.

3. There is a battle for preserving the village, as there are plans to build a neighborhood and commercial center in the area of the village. We found the diversity of the group lobbying to fight these plans quite interesting, as they include researchers, Jewish, and Palestinian activists. 


For the first part of our project we made a VR tour in Lifta, as it might not be here forever.
The users can view the village as it is preserved today (2019), view photos from the same place in different times, hear testimonies from the villagers of that time and take pre-planed tours.


For the second part of our project we made an archive with online information about the village that the users can filter by - language, year, and content type (village/ building/ character), or by search, that can bring interesting transitions and cross-sections of information, for example if the user is viewing a building in one area and than changing the date, so they get the story of the same buiding with different tenants.