School assignment for Interaction Design class

Guided by Ronel Mor

The brief was designing an app that can affect human behavior.

I wanted to make an app that can help society with spontaneous volunteering.

In my presentation for this app, I asked with a show of hands who in the class is currently volunteering, and nobody raised their hand.

So I asked who would like to volunteer more, many raised their hand.

We discussed the reasons for this gap, and they weren't lack of awareness, lack of motivation or even lack of time, volunteering is just not accessible enough.

They said they don't know their options, they don't know whom to ask, and also that they can't commit to a permanent volunteer framework and they would rather volunteer in one time events.

So that's what "Hop" is all about.

The users can browse through the app feed and look for volunteering options whenever they have time and want to engage in a volunteering activity, get information about the organization, photos from past events, see which of their Facebook friends are coming and ask for more information.