Zehut Party Campaign

Zehut is a small Israeli party, that ran for parliament on the first 2019 elections, but failed to pass the threshold.

The party was based mainly on volunteers, that were heartbroken by the failure and the uncertainty it brought them about the future of their movement. 

As I tried to offer suggestions for ways to keep the action going, finally I realised I need some visualization by my side, so I stayed up all night and made a presentation by the method I learned in the army, in my job as an educational officer, and made an annual plan presentation.

And so they took me as the lead of the volunteer and events department for the second 2019 elections.

Finally the party split do to inner disagreement and debt, and didn't run for the second elections.

תכנית עבודה 2019 30.4.19.jpg

And here are some graphics from the campaign